attractive ice cream cart design

current ice cream business is very hot sale, many people all want to open an ice cream shop , but fewer people are willing to invest more money in this project, because they worry no more profit and just only want to try it, if you have this idea, suggest buying a moving cart, which is very good choice.

today our designer finished a set attractive ice cream cart design, it really very beautiful, I can’t wait to put it on our company website, here some photos, you can enjoy it.

I love it, simple but very eye-catching, right?

it is pushed cart with bottom wheels, the whole cart is stainless steel with baking paint, you can see, cart body have some cute and beautiful pattern, they are very attractive, we can decorate by stickers or silk-screen; you can see there are a mini-fridge on the body of cart, it is very lovely and convenient clients to take away beverages, then countertop we  leave suitable space to put the ice cream freezer, considering fashion and easy to clean when counter dirty , we choose man-made stone material.

if you are experienced ice cream businessman, you will found fold shelves on the front and broadside, when ice cream is ready and can put on it, or clients put bags and cell phone on it, these detailed design is very good, it reflects designer professional.

cart roof also is colorful and beautiful, we choose waterproof cloth, if light rain still not affect selling on outside. 

read my introduce, whether you think it really very beautiful and multifunctional, if you are interested, welcome contact us to customize unique cart.


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