1.5m×0.6m blue street food cart for ice cream deliver to Korea

Hello friends, Happy New Year! You must take a nice holiday and it’s time to plan your own business. Ice cream is a popular sweet among people, nobody can refuse such a delicious food especially in hot weather. Are you plan to start your own business? Will you choose a street food cart to sell ice cream? As it needs a low budget and easy to start, many customers inquiry for food cart, I guess you must need one, too. Now, let’s view this blue style together.

Basic information

  • We can see the blue color cart looks beautiful. And blue color can release our stress and always keeps us a good spirit.
  • This food cart uses Plywood as the basic material and stainless steel for surface finish. As we all know, stainless steel is a good material for outdoors
  • In the middle is a large frozen for display and restore ice cream. Customers can purchase easily.
  • It with wheels, sinks, storage cabinets and brand logo. Brand logo is the fast way to let people know your business, so please don’t ignore it. And the stainless steel handle is for better push to different places
  • The color, style, layout can customize according to our special needs.

3D design of street food cart

street food cart

More information

Do you like this street food cart design? When you are going to start, welcome to let us know the design ideas. Our designer will give you a new design and more suggestions. Our company Unique made many popular designs for customers. Because a good cart can attracts people and prove our sales.

Our company has 10 years experience in mall kiosk and cart fields. We have many customers all over the world. You are welcome to discuss more details with us, therefore our excellent design team can show the details in the 3D design. And we will finish production in our workshop and take every details for you. And for better delivery, it will be package for several cartons. When you receive them, you should only assembly the kiosks and use it. It’s very easy and can be done by two people. If you need further information, please contact us. Thank you.

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