Special Ice Cream Kiosk Customized Smoothies Ice Cream Stand Design

The young people and little kids like to eat the ice ream, because the ice cream is sweet, iced and cool in summer. The ice cream can have a good design to improve your business well. Your kiosk can be beautiful in the mall. If people want to take photos and eat your ice cream, your stand will be popular, which is also good for the mall.

Description of the ice cream kiosk

The ice cream kiosk counters color is white with pink and a little green. It matches the ice cream brand logo colors. It is the same series. The logos are also made on kiosk every sides. One side has the space to put two ice cream machines, and its opposite side is for put one ice cream showcases. Then you can take good uses of other rest counters.

ice cream kiosk 1

One short counter is for putting the register and its opposite side is installed one sink. The most attractive structure is the frame in middle. Its top is like 3 cylinders connecting together and we can see its two sides are around with different colors. Two pillars are like the tree trunks to support the frame and some green plants decorations on the pillars. The logo is on the frame top middle, besides, the frame hangs some round lamps. One sign in the kiosk middle is to show the menus. Another sign is outside the kiosk, it plays the leading role.

ice cream kiosk 2

Customer feedback

We can make the design come true in the life. These are the feedback pictures in the mall from customer. A nice ice cream stand production can reflect excellent craft according to the design.

ice cream kiosk feedback 1

ice cream kiosk feedback 2

feedback 3

3D design

The best way to have your own design is to make 3D design by our design team. We can make a perfect one base on your requirements.

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