Beautiful ice cream kiosk indoor shopping mall food booth

Do you love ice cream? I love eating ice cream on a hot day. There‘s nothing better! And most children love ice cream. It is really one of the popular desserts in the summer. So if you want to start a business in the summer, you can try to sell ice cream.

We have many ice cream kiosk designs posted on our website. You can check and choose your favorite one. Now we want to introduce a beautiful ice cream kiosk indoor shopping mall food booth design to you.



The size of this ice cream kiosk is about 3 x 2 m. For the size of the ice cream kiosk or any other kiosks, we can make the size according to your location.

The front side of the ice cream kiosk has an ice cream display fridge. And a small area for the cashier area on the left side of the front. On the back side counter can put the ice cream machine.



Our company provides the free ice cream kiosk design and produces it in our own factory. We can make a new customized ice cream kiosk with the size and the color you want. If you have a brand name or the logo, we can also add it to the design.

Our design team usually takes 3-5 working days for the 3d design. You can feel free to send us any of your requirements.



We usually ship the ice cream kiosk by sea. Because our food counter is big volume and the weight is heavy. About the shipping time, it depends on your seaport. You can send us the nearest destination port from you then we can check it for you.

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