Most ice cream kiosk prefer to use the pink or fresh color. All of them are very beautiful but less innovative. If you want something different and like some unique design, there is the latest ice cream kiosk design for your reference.

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Material:solid wood

Service: 3d design

Design time:3-7 workday

Production time: 25-35 workdays


The main tone of this ice cream kiosk is wooden, it is not easy to find. But the whole effect is also very modern and beautiful.

This kiosk also features a top with a different style. One makes wood, another in white. They increase the rich sense and make kiosk look more beautiful.

As you can see at the front counter, there is an ice cream machine. You can send your machine measurement and then we will leave enough space for it. Any machine we can also show them in the design to check their layout.

The work counter has a sink and a big storage space. We can also customize more sink to fit your needs. And the countertop uses the white stone. It has good water-proof and bearing performance. What’s more, it is very easy to clean, which can serve you better when preparing for work.

the kiosk is 5*3m, it is big enough and can leave a seating area in the side.


The main material is solid wood, its features natural texture and elegant appearance, which are commonly used in high end kiosk. What’s more, compared to the other ordinary wood, it is strong enough and has a long service time.

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