Ice Cream Booth Whippy Ice Cream Retail Kiosk

Unlike many other products, selling ice cream requires refrigerated storage. So you need to take equipment placement into account when designing your kiosk. If you are starting a kiosk business for the first time, don’t worry, I will give you an introduction to it.


Starting your ice cream kiosk new business first needs to consider how the raw materials for making an ice cream store. So it is very important that you need a refrigerator that can display the ice cream. Then you choose the equipment you need based on the snacks you sell. More importantly, you also need a new concept of the kiosk logo.

Find a location in the mall to open and get ready. You’ve come to an important step in starting a kiosk business requiring the design of your own kiosk. Like this design, a display refrigerator place in the front row of the kiosk, which is convenient for customers to choose the desired ice cream flavor, and next to it is the cashier area. The back row of the Kiosk is filled with other equipment, including a sink, coffee machine, horizontal refrigerator and upright freezer.

The whole kiosk is a very simple design, while the materials used are a little different from many of the styles we have designed. Many food kiosk countertops are made of artificial stone, and this kiosk countertop is made of wood, and the color matches the dark wood color of the kiosk string edge very well.


  • Have an idea
  • Find a mall location
  • Do kiosk design
  • Start building kiosk
  • Install kiosk for business
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