Wooden popsicle ice cream kiosk customize food stall in the mall

In summer, the weather is hot and people always want to eat some cool foods. It is a good chance to start a business in the summer to earn money. You can start a business to sell the foods like ice cream, bubble tea, smoothies, and juice etc. Whatever the business you want to do, you need to make a kiosk to work.

Now let me share a wooden popsicle ice cream kiosk customize food stall in the mall design with you. Hope you can get some ideas from this design.



Let us look at the 3d design of this popsicle ice cream kiosk. On the top has the logo write the name of the brand so that the customer can know your company and your products. This logo can increase your brand recognition.


It has an area for a display fridge to put the popsicle or ice cream. Then the customer can choose what they want. And another side has the area for the food preparation to make the ice cream.

Under the food preparation area need to put a fridge, we need to know the size of the fridge in advance. So that we can leave enough space for you to put it. You can send the equipment list to us when we make the 3d design.



Q1: Can you make a customized 3d design for me?

A1: Yes, sure. Our design team can make a customized 3d design with the size, and the logo you want. Then you can check the effect and make some changes if you want.

Q2: Who going to install the kiosk?

A2: We will install a whole kiosk in our factory and pack it divided into a few parts. Then you need an electrician to help you connect the wires together to your power supply.

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