Shaved ice cream kiosk new style bubble tea food counter design

Ice cream is a hot sale food in the summer. Many people want to start an ice cream business but do not know how to do it. Our company can guide you on how to start an ice cream kiosk business. We have many ice cream kiosk design ideas and ice cream shop design ideas. You can check it for reference.

Here is a shaved ice cream kiosk new style bubble tea food counter shared with you. You can check this ice cream kiosk design for your reference.



This is a food kiosk in the shopping mall to sells the ice cream. On the front side has an ice cream model and on the countertop has the toppings with the glass cover.

On the back side of the ice cream kiosk is the water sink and it has some lighted boxes to put the menu or the poster.

If you want to put the fridge or other machines. please send the equipment list to us in advance. The cabinet can be for storage and you can put something like the cups and so on.



Our design team can make a customized ice cream kiosk design for you. You can send us the equipment list, the location size and your logo to us. We will put the equipment machine on the 3d design then we can see how to arrange the layout of the ice cream kiosk. A customized 3d ice cream kiosk design will charge a 300$ design deposit.


The package of the ice cream kiosk is foam inside and a wooden box outside.

We will clean them and cover them with the film and foam. Finally, put them in a strong wooden box.

For the shipping, we can ship to you by sea to the port or door to door address also okay.


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