Massage kiosks in shopping malls are not uncommon, and many office workers often find a place to relax when they are off work. Massage can relieve our fatigue and relax our body and mind. Moreover, the price of the massage is not expensive, and we are free to choose the time of the massage. This is a very good choice for most people.

We are a manufacturer of a kiosk in a shopping mall. We have made a lot of massage display kiosks. Today I want to introduce to you the details of the massage kiosk in the mall and the ordering process.

Kiosk Details

3D Design

There are many shops and kiosks in the mall, most of them are very famous brands. Therefore, if we want to develop our business inside, we need to go through some formalities and audits. The first thing to review is our kiosk. The mall will see whether its style and materials meet its standards. If it is not standard, we must modify it, otherwise, we cannot start our business in the mall. So how do you review it? What do we need to submit?
design. The mall will give us a location, and the size of that location is the size of the kiosk. We need to design our kiosk in combination with the location of the mall and our business or people’s ideas. Then submit it to the mall for review.

The picture of the massage kiosk below is a 3D design, we can see its shape, function, and effect. There are some rest seats, massage chairs, cashier counters, and demonstration stations. We can design the logo, and the advertising player can be used to play our projects or the advantages of massage. This also minds attracting the attention of customers.

The function of the floor is to connect the wires. The wires on our cabinets are routed from under the floor. If the main power supply of the mall is under the floor, we can connect them directly.

Size: 10x20ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Floor: Plywood, PVC, stainless steel


Others: Cushion, advertising machine, tempered glass, lightbox


Kiosk Production

When the design passes the review of the mall, we will start production. The drawings are confirmed by the mall. The materials and dimensions inside are very clear. Our workers will produce according to the drawings, and the color of the cabinet will be sent to the customer for confirmation before spraying so that many mistakes can be avoided.

After the color is sprayed, we will start to install sockets, wires, cushions, and logos. We can buy and install advertising machines. After all, is completed, we will start to assemble and test the circuit. Before shipping, you can see the complete kiosk. When you receive the goods, only simple assembly is required. It is very convenient and easy.

Real picture

Order Process

  1. Make a design. You need to send us what kiosk size you need, your logo, and your requirements. Our design fee is 300USD, when we receiving it, our designer will start the design. Design time is 2-3 working days. Our design allows modification, so you can get your favorite kiosk here.
  2. Confirm the design and drawings. Our design includes 3D pictures and the construction drawings, you can send them to your mall for review. If they have any comments, you can tell us. We will help you to get the mall approval.
  3. Start production. When we confirm the order, you need to send a 50% kiosk deposit, then we will start production. Production time is 25-28 working days.
  4. Arrange transportation. We can ship the goods to your nearest port or the detailed address. When finishing the production, we will send you the kiosk picture or video. If no problem, you need to pay 50% balance payment and the freight. Then we will book the ship. The freight and delivery time based on the volume of the goods and your country.


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