Massage can not only move our muscles and bones, help us clear the meridians, but also make us feel very comfortable. Many people choose to go for a massage after a tiring day of work. It can relieve our fatigue and make our body less rigid. If we don’t want to go to the high-end SPA shop, we can just go to the shopping mall massage kiosk. It can also provide some simple massage. The mall massage kiosk is simple, generally, there are only a few massage chairs, a resting sofa, and a cash register. The number of massage chairs depends on the kiosk size.

Mall Massage Kiosk Details

This kiosk size is 10x10ft, it can fit 3 massage chairs. We set up a baffle in front of the massage chair, and on the baffle, you can put customers’ bags, personal belongings, or some decorations. On the other side are the seating area, the cash register, and a pillar. The pillars can be equipped with cameras, lightbox paintings, and logos. It is also a very commonly used decoration in kiosks. Our menu can be installed on the counter at the checkout counter so that customers can better understand our charging standards.

The wire of the cash register is connected to the floor below. Below the floor is the power supply of the mall, and our wires are completely hidden. It is very safe.


Size: 10x10ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Floor: Plywood, PVC

Color: Green, white

Others: Stainless steel, lightbox, luminous logo, cushion


Kiosk Production

This kiosk is simple. It doesn’t have much and complicated furniture. We don’t need to provide massage chairs, customers can buy them if they need them. But what we mainly do is furniture. All our kiosks have a construction drawing, which contains all the dimensions, materials, and structure. Our workers do exactly according to the construction drawings. Our furniture is made of wood, and the quality is very good. There are also many choices for the color of the paint, you can choose any color you like.

After we confirm the drawing, we need you to send the file of our logo and the menu or the picture you want to display, we will print it out and install it in the lightbox.

Our floor is made of four parts, you only need to put them together after you receive the goods.

Real Picture

Custom The Mall Massage Kiosk

We are a custom company, all our kiosks are designed and customized according to our customer’s requirements. So if you want to design the kiosk, you need to tell me what size you need. When we sign a contract with the mall, they will give us a place. We will make a new design according to the location given by the mall and your requirements.

When finishing the design, you can send it to the mall for review. After it passed, we can start the production. Our design time is 2-3 working days. It allows modification, we can help you to get the mall approval. So you don’t need to worry about you don’t like the design or the mall disagree.

The kiosk production time is 22-25 working days. We can ship to your country when finish production. You can complete everything here.


When the goods arrive at the port, the agent at the port of destination will notify you to pick up the goods. There is a rent-free period for goods at the port, and fees will be charged beyond the rent-free period. So we need to complete customs clearance and pick up the goods as soon as possible.
If you don’t understand this aspect, you can ask a broker to help you complete customs clearance and other tasks.


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