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massage chair kiosk

Do you plan to start a healthcare business in the shopping mall? With the improvement of lifestyle, poeple focus more on their health. It’s a good idea to use a massage chair kiosk to earn money. Here is a nice massage chair kiosk sharing with you.

Introduction of massage chair kiosk

This massage chair kiosk size is 4m by 3m, fit for most shopping mall location sizes. It includes a brand logo stand, advertising wall, display cabinet. It is good to show massage chairs and clients can also try massage chairs in advance. That helps increase customer recognition and trust.

massage chair display stand

Layout information

As we can see in the design, the massage chair shop front has L shape stand, it has a brand name on the top. And a double side light box painting in the middle to show your brand sign. Another side has display shelving. You can place related products here. The bottom area has a sliding door cabinet as storage. Near it is a cashier counter for reception people and checking bills.

The back area has two wall displays with a brand logo stand. It is a good area to place brand signage and logos. It’s a good idea to add TVs facing the public. Inside has lattice shape decoration with lights on every line, it looks very pretty. Massage chairs are set here to show to clients.

massage chair kiosk


This flooring is in brown color, matches the massage store shop. We can also hide the wires under the floor to keep the massage chairs tidy.

If you rent a location in the shopping mall, we can custom-made massage kiosk for you.

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