Massage Chair Kiosk Modern Massage Experience Booth Design for Sale

massage chair kiosk

Do you plan to open a massage chair kiosk in the shopping center? It’s a profitable idea to open a massage chair kiosk, it is perfect to express your brand and show products. Today, I want to share a nice massage chair booth sharing with you.

Description of massage chair kiosk

This massage chair kiosk size is 18ft long and 12ft wide. This mall kiosk includes a reception counter, products area, lightbox posters, and flooring. Your brand logo is also attached to the wall, which leaves a deep impression on people.

massage chair boothDetail information

Reception counter

The reception counter size is 4ft by 1.64ft. It has light strip decoration on the surface, the top has brand signage so that clients can notice it when checking out.  Behind have work tables, storage cabinets, and drawers for work.

Brand signage

The brand signage wall at the back wall also has a gray line decorating the wall. Creates a high technical feeling and makes your massage chair kiosk looks better.

massage chair boothAdvertising panel

There are lightbox paintings on both sides of brand signage. You can put up posters to show the products, clients can understand your business well. While we can see there is a large screen on the left wall, it has a full length of 12ft. We can see the bottom has lock cabinets, for storage.


Flooring is very important for massage chairs because cables can hide under the floor. The socket is mounted to the floor to power the massage chair.

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