Brown Color Sports Equipment Kiosk Treadmill Display Booth

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With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2021, people have gradually realized the importance of health. Many people spend time and money exercising to stay fit. It’s a good idea to open a sports equipment kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to introduce a nice treadmill display kiosk to you.

Information of treadmill display booth

This unique sports equipment kiosk is a round shape location, that attracts the eyes’ attention and leaves poeple to remind you well. The diameter is 3m, clients can experience and learn about fitness, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to treadmills, you can also display other products such as massage chairs, dumbbells, etc.

fitness equipmnent kioskDescription of sports equipment kiosk

This sports equipment kiosk includes a reception counter, brand signage stand, flooring, and round display. It highlights the products and can show more products for sale.

Reception counter

The reception counter is in a curved shape. It is mainly used for checking bills and storing things. We can see the front has white brand letters with brown background. Size is 1.5m long, 0.7m wide, and height 1.1m in total.

sports equipment kioskBrand signage stand

There is a brand signage stand on another side, brand name, and logo in green color. We also add light on the stand to increase a sense of a high technique.


The middle area has a circle display stand that main show products well. There is green lighting on the surface, looks very attractive. Black color flooring matches the shop theme well and can also give people a feeling of professionalism. Buy custom sports equipment kiosks in Unique Kiosk.

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