Massage, also known as Tui Na, refers to the act of overstocking or stretching the muscles under the skin through physical contact to clear the meridians, smooth the joints, promote the circulation of blood, adjust the function of the viscera, and enhance the body’s ability to resist diseases, so as to achieve healing The purpose of illness. This kind of service is very popular all over the world. We often feel tired after a day of work, at this time we need to relax our bodies. Many people will choose a massage parlor for a massage. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, massage is also very helpful to our physical health. In the mall, we can often see massage kiosks. Their equipment is relatively simple. Because massage is generally a manual service, no machine is used. So we only need to put in a few massage chairs and a cash register.

Massage Service Kiosk

The size of the kiosk below is 10x10ft. This is the size our customers get in the mall, and it is very simple. Due to size restrictions and customer requirements, we designed a size of 10x10ft and painted three massage chairs, an automatic massage chair, and a cash register on it. Next to the cash register is a lightbox pillar, where we can display our logo and menu.

This kiosk’s basic material is plywood and laminate. There are many colors and patterns of the laminates. If you don’t like the wood grain color on the picture, we can choose other ones, or use pure colors.

The floor basic material is plywood, and the surface finish is PVC. The edges are stainless steel. The power supply of the customer’s shopping mall is under the floor. Our wires will also be connected to the floor. The wires are hidden under the floor.

What we need to provide is the floor, cash desk, and lightbox post. Customers have their own massage chairs, but if you need us to provide massage chairs, we can help you buy them.

Kiosk Production

After confirming the design, we will start production. The floor is relatively heavy, so we divide it into four parts during production. You need to provide us the lightbox content, such as the logo PDF file or the high-definition picture of the menu. After confirming the order, we will also send you the option of wood grain, you can choose a color you like. We will dig a hole under the cashier counter, and the wire from the cashier counter will pass through the floor hole to connect to the power supply in the underground of the mall.

Since the floor is square, the holes can be in any direction. Just adjust the position of the floor when you receive the goods.


Is it very simple? We are a kiosk customization company, if you get different sizes in the mall and you have different ideas, we can design according to your ideas. After the design is completed, we can send it to the mall for review, and after the review is passed, we can start production. We will help you get the review of the mall, and the design can be modified. We can meet all the requirements of the mall.

Design details

Our kiosk design fee is 300USD, it allows modification. The design time is about 2 working days. You can tell me what kiosk size you need, your logo, and your requirements.

Kiosk price

The kiosk price is based on the final design. It depends on the kiosk size, material, and style.


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