Popular USA ice cream shop design unique counter bar design for store

The summer is coming, more and more customers send the inquiry about ice cream kiosks or ice cream shop.  General, ice cream kiosks more than ice cream shops. However, we still do several successful shops to different countries. Such as the USA, Jamaica.

I want to share this design with your guys, due to several customers like this style. They would like to get a similar design to it.

The entrance door is glass, next to glass door is glass windows. It is good for people to see how looks like in the store and what products sell in it. If they interest in it, they will go into it and taste ice cream.

On the left wall is the seating area of benches. Behind each table is a white screen to separate both tables. To some extent, it can make a small room for customers to chat with friends.

On the right side of the bench is the small tables. So you can choose one of them. On the right side, it is a sales area. It is made of a big U shape counter bar with ice cream display machine, tops and storage areas.

Besides, there are two insides doors. One is at the end of sales area and other one is the end of sitting area. We can see, there are three big Popsicle around the door. This is a new idea to decorate an ice cream shop interior design. It is a highlight in the whole store.

It is not very complex, on the contrary, it is simple and modern.

If you are also interested in this shop, please feel free to contact us.


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