High-end Colorful Ice Cream Shop Counter Cake Kiosk Design

Nice day for all my friends! Dear friends welcome to our website. Just as the saying goes, food is the soul of the people, especially delicious food. Nobody can resist it.  Delicious food, ice cream and cake are very popular. So are you in the ice cream business now, if yes, you should need a beautiful ice cream shop to make your business better. I believe a lovely shop can always draw our attention, in addition, today I have a lovely and beautiful ice cream kiosk for the food shop to show you.

Let us see the beautiful 3d design below:


Ice cream food counter use in the food shop:

As we can see, the ice cream shop very beautiful. Especially the ice cream kiosk, its color mainly is suave white. In addition, it can not only be used to sell the ice cream but also can be used to sell cake, very creative. Most of all, we can according to your need to custom-made the kiosk. We certainly make your shop become the most beautiful one. And the most popular, as long as you choose our product, you won’t regret it.


More 3d design of the ice cream shop:

The material of the ice cream food counter inside the food shop we have 2 good choices. One is MDF with baking paint, another one is plywood with laminate. These two materials both good and suitable for the food ice cream kiosk. And the countertop is white color man-made stone. The surface we will put the colorful stickers on the ice cream kiosk.

How to build ice cream shop furniture?

At first, you need to contact and share your ideas with us. Such as your ice cream shop size, your favorite color, your logo etc, then we can help you make a new unique design and put all of your ideas on it. You need to submit the 3d design to the shopping mall to get the mall approve. If the mall manager has any questions about the design, we can help you modify it.

After get mall approval, we will work on the ice cream kiosk construction plan. And we will start production of this ice cream kiosk after we receive 50% deposit. Usually, build it about need 25-28 working days. We will take photos and update the progress during production. When we finished, we will assemble the ice cream kiosk and take photo or video for your check, then we will package and arrange shipment it to your port. If you need, we also can direct send this ice cream kiosk to your door to door address.


What is the advantage of our company?

◊ Strict quality control.

◊ Professional service and support.

◊ OEM/ODM service.

◊ Effective customer service.

◊ Exquisite and skilled craftsmanship.

◊ Intelligent, skilled and professional design team.


How to install the ice cream shop furniture?

At first, I want to tell you that it is very easy for you. You don’t need to ask a whole install team to help you. Just 2-3 people and speak about 2-3 hours then it can finish. When you receive the goods, all showcase was packed in a wooden box. So you need to open all the wooden boxes. All wooden boxes were marked carton number.

We will provide one install instruction and a floor plan which a marked number for every showcase. You put all showcase on your mall space or store or shop according to the floor plan. And connecting electric wire according to the instruction. You need to connect the male and female connector to the shop power supply then it will work. If you are still confused about it, please contact us, we will explain it to you patiently. Please feel free to contact us at email Thank you very much!

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