Elegant white decoration yogurt store kiosk ship to Italy

Hello Everyone! Good morning. Do you own a store and ready to start your own business? Are you looking for unique yogurt store kiosk? Usually, renting a big store costs more money and energy. So if we have a limited budget, it’s a best idea to owns a small store. Today, we can share a very elegant yogurt store kiosk with you.

Basic information

  1. Color: White and special requirements according to customers’ idea
  2. Size: Customized size based on the floor plan
  3. Layout: The layout should be set for convenient use.
  4. Material: Plywood with white laminate, light strip, paint box, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc.
  5. Style: Modern and European style
  6. Design time: 3-5 business days
  7. Production time: 18-25 business days

This yogurt store including display showcase, working counter, storage area, tables and seats for customers.  We can see in the design, the whole store has a large ceiling light with small spotlight. The light is not only for bright, but also for decoration and gives clients feel very comfort. There are much pictures and different styles of photos for decoration, when people enjoying the delicious yogurt, they can also admiring different landscape paintings. Besides, the floor are highly match to the style of this store furniture.

We can see there are 2 large menus with yogurt picture in the back wall. Therefore, when people enter, they could choose the right one to taste. In the middle is a big illuminate logo. Logo is very important for store owners, especially if you are ready to expand your business, logo is a symbol of your products and service. Do you like this design? Do you know which one should be your own store decoration?

3D design

Let’s view more design together. The design and layout is changeable, because we all wants to get a unique design to improve our sales volume.

Yogurt store kiosk

More information

Our company has 10 years’ experience in customizing store furniture and mall kiosk, we are sure that we can make a new one according to the special requirements. So when you are going to start, please contact us soon. We are online and looking to share more with you! Thank you for reading.

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