Hello Everyone, i will introduce Ice Cream Shop Counter with Interior Decoration for Supplier to you today. Generally speaking, desserts are popular with many people. Among them ice cream is more outstanding, whether it is adults or children, they like to eat. Ice cream can make people excited when you are not happy.Ice cream can soothe your nerves.If you’re hanging out on the street, you might as well buy some ice cream and enjoy yourself. And the ice cream business, his cost is relatively low. So it’s less risky, it’s safer to do this kind of business.

And if you prepare to sell the  ice cream in the shop, we can do design firstly. And you can tell us all of your needs, we can do a design according to all of your needs.

Now, i will introduce the ice cream shop counter for you.


the design of the ice cream shop we adopt the colorful decoraton, can make the whole shop more bright, and the top of the shop we will add the light, make the shop more light. The front of the shop use the glass. if the passenger pass the shop, they can see the interior layout. Front of the shop, we put the Minion Yellow to attract customers.  And the wall, we add the red soild wood to decorate the shop. We put the long desk on the front of glass, and put some chairs for customers.

Company Information

Our company are located in Shenzhen, China, and have own factory and have more than 10 years kiosk experience. We are professional mall kiosks and shop display furniture manufacturer. We have many friends from all over the world and have the ability to ship goods to many countries. Our main clients are from USA,UK,AU,FR and CA. There are also many clients from other countries. We have cooperated with many brands, such as Chatime, Yogoo and Dodo Services Pty Ltd. We provide all the high quality products, the quality of the products are strictly controlled.

Contact Information

Contatc Person: Karena Yang


whatsapp or wechat; 008613410560420


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