How are you, my friends? I hope you have a good day and welcome to our website. In so many articles you chose me, for whatever reason, I think we are destined. So you can finish this article. The theme of today is a bubble tea store. Do you like bubble tea? I love it, although it can make me fat. It can be many flavors. It also has a lot of seasoning. Such as red beans, jelly or taro ball. I feel like drinking again. When we go shopping, we can see many bubble teas store in the street. Have you studied their style? Most of the bubble tea store I saw was white and literary. They often put little green plants or books or dolls. Because girls are often the ones who like to go to the bubble tea stores. When we want to open a shop, we need to design our store according to the interests of our main customers. Let’s look at this bubble tea store interior design.


From the outside, we can see this store looks very beautiful. The interior design looks like a castle. The furniture should match the wall. So we can choose some similar color to the wall. We can choose some chairs and sofas that look more advanced. About the store name, if you have your brand, you can use your brand name and your logo. It can develop your brand. If you don’t have a brand, you can have a nice name. Such as this store, what kind of house. If I saw a store like this one, I am sure I will go in.

Open an attractive shop, decorate is the one step, the second step is the design. If we buy the furniture directly, we don’t know when they put in the store and what they look like. If it doesn’t fit your store, then we will lose our time and money. So I think we should make a design first. Our company has been established for about ten years, and we did many bubble tea store interior design. They all look very attractive. If you want to design your shop, we can contact us. We can according to your store floor plan to design the store. You can see what it looks like when it finishes. If anything doesn’t fit, we can modify it.

If you have any questions, please contact me.   

Cathy Zhang


Whatsapp/phone number: +8613410683550

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