Popular shop furniture sunglasses store kiosk with wooden for sale

Are you looking for a sunglasses store for your business? Sunglasses are very widely used in daily life, it can not only avoid the glare of the sun but also make us look cooler. People like to wear sunglasses on various occasions, such as the beach, party, shopping, etc. Especially when driving, it can avoid dazzling light and protect our safety. It’s a great idea to open a sunglasses store to make a fortune. Here is a popular shop furniture decoration sunglasses store kiosk for your reference. Let’s learn more together.

3D design picture show

From the design, we can view every part clearly. Since the 3D design according to our store dimension, we can arrange all the space in advance. Besides, if we find somewhere not good enough, we can modify the design for you to make it better. Is it amazing?

This store furniture includes the glass display counter, wall display stand, reception counter, display shelf, etc. The basic material is Plywood with wood grain laminate for decoration. We will add light, cables inside the counter for better usage.

From the design, we can see there is a wall cabinet in the shop to display the sunglasses, on the bottom are locked cabinets for storage. There are mirrors in the gap of two stands for decoration, which can make our shop looks bigger. We can also put big posters on the wall to let people know more about our products. We can put our brand logo on the back wall. Do you like this sunglasses store design?


Sunglasses store customize design

sunglasses store kiosk

For the ceiling of the sunglasses shop design, it has some square ceiling lights. The wall display showcase for the sunglasses on each shelf has the warm white Led strip lights to light up the products. And under the display shelves, we make the wood grain color cabinets for storage. For all the display cabinets we will install the same lock with key. If the display showcase has the Led lights, we will leave a wire come out, and then you can connect it to your store power supply. Because the sunglasses display stand of this sunglasses shop not connected together, so we will leave the main wire for each one.

But if the display showcase close together, we will use a hermaphrodite connector for them. Then you can connect the hermaphrodite connector together and just connect one main wire to the shop power supply is ok.

How to do a customize sunglasses store design?

After you get a store from the landlord, please send us if you have the floor plan or the length, width and height of the shop. Before we make the 3d design of the sunglasses shop, we will discuss with you and our design team to make a floor plan first. Then you can have a look at the layout of the sunglasses store. For the customize 3d store design service, we will charge a 500-800 USD design deposit. The design deposit depends on shop size.

We will make the store design and send it to you within 3-5 working days. After we check the design, we can discuss the interior design and we can make the changes if need. Until we finish the final 3d design, we will follow with you for this project.

And before we start the production of the sunglasses shop, we will make the construction drawing for you to final check. The drawings have all the details include the size, material, color, floor plan, electrical plan and so on.


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