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Sunglasses, also known as sun visors, are used for sun protection. In the sun, people usually need to adjust the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux. When the light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eye. It will cause damage to the human eye. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in summer, you need to use a sun visor to block the sun to reduce fatigue caused by eye adjustment or damage caused by strong light stimulation. Sunglasses, as a fashion element, It is not only necessary in summer or on vacation. We need it all year round. Whether you are not makeup or staying up late, You can bring a pair of sunglasses to cover your tired face. When it comes to sunglasses, I have to mention the one who loves wearing black sunglasses in the fashion circle. He is the artistic director of Chanel, known as Lafayette-Karl Lagerfeld. Throughout various fashion news. You rarely see him without glasses. So you can imagine how attractive the sunglasses are.



  Maybe we do n’t need to wear sunglasses all day like Karl. But when we go out, or when we do n’t have makeup, a pair of sunglasses can not only cover our tired faces but also play a fashionable role in matching. When we Lying on the beach. a pair of sunglasses can block out the sun to protect our eyes. If we take a fashionable picture or take a magazine cover, We need sunglasses to highlight fashion. If someone has defective eyes, then they can use the sunglasses to block. Or if someone who are afraid to expose their faces In the crowd. At this time, the sunglasses can bring you a sense of security.    


introduction of the sunglasses showcase

Design: led light showcase for this sunglasses showcase. it lets us see clearly in a  three-dimensional shape. Mirrors are  necessary for interior decoration. The shopper can see the effection thought the mirrors.  

sunglasses showcase  


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