Top quality optical shop furniture optical display sunglasses stand for sale

If you plan to open a new optical shop, you need to renovate. And you should do the design before you start work. Before designing, determine the style of the store, display furniture materials, lighting and so on. The 3D design includes all store information which allows you to better check the details. So you need a professional manufacturer to help you complete it, and you can also know how to start this projec.

Open an optical shop should prepare enough kinds of glasses. Such as reading glasses, sunglasses, glasses for myopia and so on. So that customers can choose it according to their needs. Sunglasses have become a symbol of fashion, and most people need to use them. Opening an optical shop is a good choice to make money.

Introduce optical shop furniture

As we can see, there are many glasses display cabinets and display stands in the store, which look natural and advanced. The materials are solid wood with high quality. Place display stands on the both wall sides and the poster in the middle of the stand. The color of the stand is mainly dark brown, which is consistent with the whole store. There is a glasses display cabinet in the middle of the shop, and the cash register counter is set inside, so most of the shop is used to display glasses.

The design of the facade is also very important. From the picture, we can see an whole store layout. The logo is added on the door, which is an acrylic luminous logo, and the entrance and exit signs are under the logo, which looks great. Customers can see the layout of the store even if they are outside, and they will be curious and want to try on glasses. The unique facade design is the easiest to attract and get customers’ attention. With the store design like this, our customers are also very satisfied.


Top quality optical shop furniture optical display sunglasses stand for saleThe ceiling design is to hang a wooden frame with spotlights in the middle, which can improve the brightness and beautify the shop. The design of this shop is based on the customer’s favorite style. Our designer has made modifications according to his shop size and needs. Including display furniture color, shape, size, lighting, logo and others.

We are a custom factory and have design team, mainly making custom furniture. So we can make a new store layout according to your store floor plan and requirements. If you haven’t found your favorite style, we can design according to your ideal shop. You need to tell us your requirements, our designers will help you realize it in the design.

Design process

Before designing, we need to charge 500-800 US dollars as a design deposit, and we will deduct it from the order price. Since the design is not a one-time job, we need to modify it and make it perfect. This takes time and effort to complete, so it is necessary to pay a deposit.

We will send you the design for confirmation within 2-4 working days, which can add new ideas based on your needs. After you check the final design, we will make construction drawings let you check that everything is good, and then we will make a detailed quotation for you. After you pay 50% of the order deposit, we can arrange production. If your store is open in mall, you have to send the design for approval. After get the mall pass, we can start the production.

If you want to know the approximate manufacturing cost of opening a new store and want to get some professional advice, please leave some message below. We are here waiting for your inquiry.Thank you!

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