Customized wood eyewares display cabinet & sunglasses store furniture

Sunglasses, also called sun-shading glasses, are used for sun-shading and protecting our eyes.. In outdoor activities, especially in summer, most people need to use sunglasses to block the sun to relieve eye fatigue and bright light stimulation.Different people choose sunglasses according to different preferences and different uses. So unique store design and various styles of sunglasses are one of the main reasons for attracting customers.

High quality sunglasses furniture shop details

We know that the flow of people in the mall is relatively intensive, this is a good choice to open an sunglasses shop in the mall. From this picture, we can know that the colors of this sunglasses shop are mainly brown and white. Which looks very advanced and fashionable. Fashionable light box paintings can well decorate shops and show your products. We will install light strips in the light box so that it can attract customers’ attention when working. 

We have our own factory and support custom sunglasses display cabinets. Our design team will design new styles of display cabinets according to your requirements, reach your size and add your logo. We are a professional sun furniture manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience in this area. We guarantee high quality products and offer you competitive price.

Let’s pay attention to the shelves in this shop.  Usually the mall will have a limit on the height of the regulations. Different countries have different regulations, so the height of the shelf in this sunglasses shop is 2m. We can customize the new design and provide the best solution for you according to the size provided by the shopping mall, so you don’t have to worry about the appvoal of the shopping mall. In addition, our factory can also provide different types of flooring. Floors can be made according to the size of your mall space and support for changing colors and styles. It all depends on your requirements.

Why designing is the first step?

We can know that different sizes have different layouts. When customers contact us to tell us about their ideal store, we usually suggest doing a 3D design first based on the size. We are a custom factory. It is difficult for us to have the same design as different customers’ requirements. The new design is created according to the customer’s product and size.Seeing is believing, and only through design can  fully show your idea, so you can see the effect and confirm it directly.

As we know, the design process is not a one-time process. During the design process, it is easier to fine the issues that will happen in actual production, so it needs to be modified, which is inevitable. When the modification of the 3D design is confirmed, we will create a construction drawing for you to produce accurately. After you confirm the construction drawing, we can arrange the production work. If we don’t make the design first, how we can move the next step of work?

About the time

We suggest leaving three months to finish the project. Usually our design takes 5-7 working days, if you need to modify and send it to the mall for approval, it will take longer. Production time is about 25-28 working days, which is based on the quantity of furniture you need.Because all our furniture is handmade and quality is guaranteed. The shipping time is about one month by sea. And it depends on your country and port of destination, if you want to receive it as soon as possible please contact us and start make the 3D design.

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