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In recent years, sunglasses have become more and more popular. They are not only a symbol of fashion. Also can block ultraviolet rays to protect our eyes. No matter what age, everyone needs a nice and fashionable sunglasses. It is very convenient for us to use when we go out. If you find a suitable location and plan to open a sunglasses store, we can help you create a new design layout based on the floor plan of your store. So you can see the whole effect and confirm all the details in 3D design.

Fashion sunglass retail shop details

From the picture, we can know that the colors of this eyeglasses shop are mainly black and white. It looks simple and modern. It is mainly around the wall side to put the sunglasses stand and display cabinet. And the cash register counter is at the innermost. Two small glasses display cabinets on each side of the door can display the most popular eyeglasses to attract people’s attention. It adds an eye-like logo in the middle of the cabinet, which looks more unique.

The glasses display stand can put many sunglasses for customers’ reference. Add the brand name on the top of the sunglasses stand, put a poster in the middle wall. And have a display cabinet in front of the stand. So that sales people can better introduce their products and services to their customers.

♦ Size: 100 square meters or custom make as you need

♦ Style: Modern and fashionable style

♦ Main material: MDF and baking paint. Stainless steel. Posters. Toughened glass. Acrylic logo and so on.

♦ Design time: 4-6 working days

♦ Production time: It usually takes about a month. Depending on the quantity of furniture.

We are directly factory and can custom display furniture. When you have any new ideas, our designers will add them to the design for you. Usually we will install light box paintings on the display cabinets to attract customers. In addition, we can mark your LOGO on the display cabinets. We have different logo forms, such as acrylic 3D logo, hollow logo, LED light strip, etc. All of which are customized according to your needs. For the design of the display stand, we can also add decorations. To make your shop more unique.

Contact us and start making 3D design

When we know your basic requirements and favorite style, we can start to make 3D design. The 3D design includes all details. Such as furniture size and quantity, logo and lighting.ect. Before designing, we need to charge a design deposit of 500-1000 US dollars. We will deduct it from the order price, only you need to pay in advance. The design is not one-time work. You need to confirm the details and  help you make modification during the period. Which takes time and effort to complete together. So the deposit should pay.

We will send the design for you check within a week, you can add new ideas according to your ideas. To ensure that our design can meet your requirements. After you check the final design, we will make construction drawings for you can check everything is ok. If you open the store in mall, you can send the design to the mall for approval. Then you can pay 50% deposit and we arrange production.

We provide one-stop service, from design to delivery. We can help you complete your project step by step. If you want to refer to the design of other sunglasses shops. Please leave some messages here and we are willing to share with you. And Provide professional advice for your shop design.

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