Sunglasses are a very cool product, they can be said to be a kind of decoration for us. Of course, he also has a very substantial role. It can block the ultraviolet rays under the scorching sun and protect our glasses. Especially for people who drive outdoors. When we are shopping, we often see shops selling sunglasses, and there are many types of sunglasses. They have different borders and colors, and they all look very attractive. Many people will give it a try when passing by. Today I want to introduce you is the sunglasses shop display furniture.

Sunglasses Display Furniture

This shop mainly consists of some display cases against the wall and some stands. It doesn’t have a lot of space, so the best way to display our products is to use wall-high cabinets. It occupies a small area and has a large capacity. We can see that even with wall displays, they have a lot of different styles. The different display can make the content of our store more rich and beautiful. Its main colors are black white and wood. This color is commonly used in storefronts, and it does not look too bright or too dark. The black glossy surface will give people a sense of luxury, so many customers will choose black display cabinets.

In addition to displaying sunglasses, our wall display cabinets can also be used to store packaging boxes, gift boxes, etc. When we design the display cabinet against the wall, we will also design a lightbox painting on the cabinet, which can make our cabinet more attractive as a lightbox display. The lightbox picture can be a picture of our product or a model picture.

Sunglasses Shop Design

The store design can help us confirm all the details more quickly. For example, the type and style of furniture, placement, color, and quantity, etc. Some customers have irregular store shapes, which makes it difficult to decide to buy furniture. Only through customization can we get a display cabinet that fully meets our requirements. So if you have a store and want to buy the furniture inside, we suggest making a design.

The design looks very real and we can see the effect in every corner. As shown in the picture above, we will design the layout, size, and quantity of the furniture. You can decide their color and display method, we can also install your logo on the display cabinet, if you have a store style or style you like, you can also tell us. Our designers will design according to your requirements.

After the design is completed, we can not only see the effect but also know their price. The price of our furniture depends on its size, material, and style. So if you want to start a shop, please send us your shop flor plan or size.

Display Stand Production

We are a factory, when we confirm the design furniture, we will start production. All our products are made by hand. We are very strict about the quality and material of our products. We respect our customer’s requirements. If our furniture is in color, before we paint, we will send the color to our customer for confirmation. That way we can avoid color errors. If our furniture has wood grain, we will also send the choice of the wood grain to customers before making it, so that customers can have more choices. Our production is transparent, and you can track the condition of the goods at any time.

Design: Our shop design fee is 500-800USD. It depends on the shop area and design content. The design time is 3-4 working days.

Production: The furniture production time is about 28 working days.

Transportation: The transportation time is different in different countries and shipping companies. It is about 25-40 days.

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