We can see the eyewear shop everywhere. In order to stand out from many competitors, glasses shop decoration must have their own style. To attract customers’ attention. Unique furniture’s experienced design team can help you.

 Optical shop description:

The eyewear shop looks modern and stylish. The shop design is based on black, with colorful posters or poster lightboxes to match. And the ceiling is equipped with spotlights, can beautify and brighten the shop. it is easy to attract the customers’ attention, which in the doorway install with LED lights strip.

Multiple eyeglasses cabinets and frames can use to display eyeglasses. The cabinets side of equipped with mirrors can use when customers try on glasses. In addition, we also use multiple desk lamps hanging over the cabinet to highlight the sunglasses.

The optical shop decoration is mainly to improve the consumption environment. Let consumers can enjoy a sense of respect and have a good mood. At the same time increase the service area, to provide consumers with more intimate services. and the establishment of supporting service facilities can improve customer satisfaction.

The preparation of open an optical shop:

Ready sufficient fund. The first thing is to have enough money to start this item, but also to consider the local level of consumption. Also, pay attention to the location of your glasses store. If you want to make high level, a shopping mall will be a good choice.

Make market research. You should clearly know the development trend of glasses. Do research according to your own positioning, and analyze the situation of competitors near you.

Brand positioning. A good optical shop should have one or two brands, a good brand can not only improve shop awareness but also promote the sale of products. Glasses are also fast selling products. Whether professional glasses or daily sunglasses, need to prepare a variety of styles, especially sunglasses. So that customers can choose what they like.

Custom eyewear shop design:

Our design team can make a whole  3D shop design base on your size. This is the first step to start our cooperation.

We will put the display cabinet, till counter, and any equipment you need in the design. Whatever equipment you need can add in it.

The eyewear shop style and all the posters and logos can customize according to your demand.

After 3-5 days, we can send you the 3D design for you to confirm. Which can modify and add new elements.

When you had confirmed the final shop design, we will make a detailed quotation list for you, and we will let you confirm the construction drawing before production.

Finally, you pay 50% order deposit, and we can arrange the production.


Unique furniture has more than 14 years experience custom factory with a professional design team, we can offer your ideal shop.

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