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Can we see many people wearing sunglasses on the street? Ordinary wearing sunglasses is to avoid direct sun damage to our eyes, or it may be to cover the defects of the eyes. Stars usually wear sunglasses to cover up their identity. However, no matter who it is, wearing sunglasses will always give us a hint of mystery, and the sunglasses look cool. We can see some models wearing sunglasses in magazines or on TV, they look confident. Do you have your own sunglasses? My dad is a driver. It is necessary to wear sunglasses when driving in the hot sun. It can protect his safety and avoid accidents that can’t be open eyes because of strong sunlight. Sunglasses are a very popular product. We can see many sunglasses stores. How do they display sunglasses? Let ’s take a look at this pharmacy store furniture.

The design of this store is very luxurious. Its main colors are wood and white, which are the same as most sunglasses stores. The main display furniture is the high cabinet against the wall and the glass display cabinet. It is divided into two parts, the left is mainly a wood color cabinet, the right is a white cabinet. You can show your main products. People can freely choose their favorite sunglasses, and the glass display cabinet can put some glasses with degrees, which is very helpful for people with myopia. There are also several mirrors beside the wall, customers can see what they look like when they wear sunglasses so that they can more easily choose the sunglasses that suit them.

What do you think about these sunglasses store furniture? Each cabinet has a light strip when putting on sunglasses, the display effect will be better. Do you like this furniture? We are a custom company, if you want to buy some display furniture, you can contact us. We have our factory, we can according to the design to produce the furniture. If you want to design your store, you can send me your store floor plan, then we will make the design first.


Design: The design time is 3-5 working days, and the design fee is 500-800usd according to your store size. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.

Furniture Material: MDF, Plywood, tempered glass, LED Light

Surface Finish: Baking paint, Laminate

Production Time: About 28 working days when we confirming the construction drawing

Delivery Time: It depends on your nearest port

If you have ay questions, please contact me.

Cathy Zhang

Email: sales04@myidea-kiosks.com

Whatsapp/Phone number: +86 13410683550

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