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In this era of pursuing beauty, manicure has become a trend, a fashion. Young girls basically do nail art three or four times a month, and the frequency of consumption is very high. It has to be said that today’s nail art industry has a huge consumer group, a vast development space, and high profit returns, so it has focused on the eyes of many entrepreneurs. Nowadays, many people want to open a nail salon. So, what do you need to open a nail salon and how much does it cost to open a nail salon? I hope that through the following answers, everyone’s doubts can be solved.

What do you need to open a nail shop?

1. Capital

To open a nail shop, first of all, you need to prepare enough funds to meet the needs of preparation and operation.

2. Technology

To engage in nail art business, you must have professional nail art skills. Before you open a shop, you can go to a professional nail art school to learn.

3. Equipment and products

To do nail art, technology alone is not enough, professional and safe nail equipment and products are also necessary, so as to meet the personalized nail needs of consumers.


The most important is the store design. Our company not only can make the whole shop design for you but also can produce the nail salon store furniture. For the nail bar store furniture design, we will charge 500-800$ design deposit. It depends on your shop size, but it will deduce from the total cost when you order, so actually it is for free.

Please look at this design, half for the nail beauty, and a half for the pedicure. The wall cabinets for the nail polish or cosmetic product display. Very model and simple design.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to start the nail salon store business. We are online and welcome to inquiry!




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