New invention nail table in manicure and pedicure store ship to India

Hello friends. Are you looking for customized nail furniture for your manicure and pedicure store? With the rapid development of socialization, nail art becomes more and more popular among people. They want to become attractive and beautiful, so when we own a store and provide manicure and pedicure services, we will earn a profit. Here is a new nail table design for India. Let’s view more about the decoration and come up with new ideas for our store.

3D design photos show

nail shop furnitureThe basic tone of the store is white with blue ceiling light for decoration. There is a squared reception counter with a menu in the entrance, people can choose the services here. We can put posters and video advertise in wall to attracts more people.

The European style is more popular among young people, trendy and elegant, with rich and beautiful decorative effects, which can improve the level of nail salons and provide customers with a quiet, comfortable and elegant environment.

The entrance is the clear glass door then the customer can easily see the inside shop decoration and know your nail beauty service.

Opposite the cash register is a rest area where customers can wait for service on the sofa. In the center is a long nail table to do manicure service here and clients can enjoy pedicure service closed to the nail table. So the total is about 10 manicure desk stations and 7 pedicure service stations. The wall cabinet is used to display nail polish and other products. There is a small house in the corner to do a hairdressing service. Please kindly check the below is the top view of the storefront so that we can see the overall layout. The layout we can change as you like. If you have other services, like the tattoo, eyebrow, we can also add them in design for you.


Customize the nail shop design:

This manicure and pedicure store covers an area of 103 square meters. The nail table place according to the shop size, style and should follow the owner’s requirements. If you need a customized nail table shop decoration, please contact us. We will offer a whole set of 3D customize design services to you.

Usually, for the nail beauty salon store, we will charge a 500-800USD design deposit. Our design team will discuss the layout and shop style with you. And make a customize nail shop design for you. This design we will customize with your shop size and logo. For the layout of the nail beauty shop, we can discuss together to see which is best. If you don’t have any idea, our design team will give you the blueprint of everything. If you have any good idea, please also tell me and then we will make it for you.

Contact us:

Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. has more than 10 year’s experience in making furniture based on customers’ special needs. We have many customers all over the world and can earn a great reputation. Our factory located in Shenzhen, China. We have done many nail kiosk and beauty nail shop furniture shipped to many countries. Because we are a professional in this industry. What we do is to help our customers to finish the project. And help our customers to open one by one shops.

We are looking to discuss more design ideas with you. Please feel free to contact us by email at We are glad to receive your request. Meanwhile, we are happy to serve you if you have any questions about the customize nail beauty shop furniture. Thank you for reading.

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