Outdoor Container Shop Furniture High-end Jewelry Display Cabinet

Jewelry is one of the favorite gifts for girls. And jewelry is in a leading position in the luxury goods industry. Followed by watches, glasses, cosmetics and bags. The location of the jewelry store is very important. Generally, jewelry stores should be opened near the prosperous market, because the geographic location of the jewelry store business is very important for the flow of people. And our jewelry store container can help you open in a different geographic location, because you can move it to where you want to go. But of course, it does not allow frequent movement.

How can your jewelry store attract more people to come in?

Your jewelry store design needs to attract the attention and interest of consumers. If you are walking down the street, you will see a very luxurious and splendid jewelry store. You will definitely want to walk in and take a look. Even if you have no need at the time, curiosity will drive you to take a look. Then if you happen to see jewelry you like, you might buy it. Another important thing is the surrounding environment of the jewelry store. The surrounding environment of the jewelry store is preferably an environment with high consumption. For example, in a brand street, most of them are well-known brands. If people like to shop on this street, it means that their spending power is also very high.

The logo board that are specially designed or easy to understand is often impressed. A special meaningful logo can leave an impression on consumers. So that customers will remember that there is a jewelry store in a certain area when there is demand. So it also plays a very good role in advertising.

3D design of the jewelry container shop furniture:

This is a jewelry shop open in the outside area. Our designer uses a 20GP container to remold it to a jewelry shop. We put some wall display showcase on the back and 3 jewelry display stands on the middle, 1 cashier counter. The shop of the wall have signage, this is we use stainless steel as the basic and acrylic 3d lighted logo on it. You just need to send us your logo files then we can customize your logo on it.

For the inside jewelry display wall cabinet, the material is MDF with baking paint and golden color stainless steel. And the middle of the 2 round shape display stands. This is a unique and attractive jewelry display showcase design. The left side wall of the jewelry shop has an advertising TV, it can use to play some pictures and videos of the jewelry. So that the customer can know what you are selling then they can have an idea.


How can we ship the jewelry shop container?

This jewelry shop container is 20GP container size. So we will ship it a whole set by sea. The outside we will keep it like that, but we will close the container door to make it look like a normal shipping container. We will pack the inside cabinets and put them inside the shop. The inside jewelry display wall cabinet, round shape jewelry display stands, and the cashier counter, display showcase. We will use a bubble corner guard for all the showcase corners. And then use the film to cover the whole wood body. Finally with a strong wooden package then the showcase is safe for the shipping.

How can order such a jewelry container shop from our company?

First, if you want to start a jewelry container shop. You need to find a good location first. And asking for the lease from the landlord.

We will make the 3d design for you with all your requirements. For example, how many showcases you want inside the shop. The location of the cashier counter, the layout of the shop and so on.

For the jewelry container shop we charge 300$ design deposit. But it will deduct from the total amount when you place an order.

If you want any changes in the 3d design of the jewelry shop container. We will change it until you satisfied with it and get the final approval from the local government and landlord.

Finally, after we confirm the final 3d design of the jewelry shop. The designer will make the construction drawing for you. And then we can start the production of the jewelry shop display showcase.


About the advantage of our company:

Our company is the best customize manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. As we are one of the first companies for commercial display furniture, we have more than 15 years experience already. We offer the best quality and professional service to our customers. That is why we have so many return-customer all over the world. Especially, the customer from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and many countries. Please just contact us to start!

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