Coffee Kiosk Outdoor Shipping Container Shop Design

container kiosk design

Are you looking for shipping container to sell coffee, cake, milk, and even ice cream. Shipping container shop is good for outdoor food business, it’s easy to start business outside. Today, I want to share a nice coffee outdoor container kiosk with you.

40ft container kiosk design

This 40ft container kiosk includes display counter, work bench, storage cabinets, brand signage, dining table and chairs. We can also make the inside decoration fit your decoration.

coffee container kioskKicthen room counter

The kitchen room furniture is very important for a food kiosk. It’s not only to prepare coffee, but also a good place to show other food.

You can also place equipment for better usage. Water sink, raw materials and display shelf is part of kitchen room counter. Wall decoration is ver important, it can increase the coffee shop theme and leave deep impression on clients.

coffee kiosk storeDining table and chairs

Dining table and chairs are very important for coffee shop and food booth. People can sit down and enjoy their spare time. You can also deal with work and make friends here. We can see there are bar table with bar chairs inside the shop, and the chairs can also place on the hydraulic door to increase more sitting area.

Brand sign

There is a brand logo attach on the container kiosk, stainless steel logo can high level your shop. You can also add backlit to attract more clients. If you have any new ideas, we can help you come ture.

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