20ft BBQ container food kiosk outdoor fast food shop

A barbecue is a common place in our daily life. It is one of a favorite places for friends to have dinner together. The barbecue business is simple, high profit, less investment, a barbecue shop, you can choose to shop can also choose to operate mobile stalls. Meanwhile, we can match fast food, drinks and other operations together. For some who want to do small business entrepreneur is a good choice.

Today we want to introduce a container food kiosk design to you. If you want to make something like this, you can check this design for reference.



The size of this barbecue container food kiosk is 20ft. For the inside space of the container food kiosk, we can discuss how to arrange the layout and make it according to your need. On the front of the container food kiosk, it is the work counter, on the bottom of the countertop we can put some machines.

On the back side also can put the equipment machine. Please snd us if you have the equipment list with the pictures and sizes. So that we can leave enough space for you to put the equipment machine. We will install all the lights, wires and sockets for you. Then when the customer receive the container food kiosk, you can use it directly.



We can make a customize 3d design for the container food kiosk. Our design team can make the 3D design with you together. Then we will make the 3D design for you with your idea. And you can check the 3D design on our website and let us know if you have a favorite one. If not, we can make a new design for you. It is a customize 3d design only for you.

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