40ft Container Kiosk Bar Counter Shop Booth Design

bar container kiosk Coffee shop and wine bar container kisok become popular in recent years. You can use it in music festivals, major events, sea beaches, and the park. The 40ft container kiosk is a large place to start a business, and you can also close well in darkness. Here is a nice 40ft container kiosk sharing with you, it can also customize according to your needs.

40ft container kiosk introduction

This 40ft container kiosk includes bar counters, dining tables and chairs, lighting decoration, storage area, reception desk, and even brand logo. We can also add equipment in a suitable location to start a business.

hot sale container kioskCoffee bar counter details

Hydraulic door

This container kiosk has a hydraulic door on both sides, which is fully open to the clients, they can enter your shop easily and enjoy their meals.

Display counter

There is two straight display counter set in the middle, which you can use as a bar counter that clients can sit here directly. It also has a lower workbench, so that employees can prepare food and drink here. Under the counter, the table has lock cabinets and draws for storage. We can also add lighting under the counter table so that clients can notice you well.

20ft container kiosk

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set at the end of the coffee container kiosk. The reception area includes a reception desk, sofa, and brand name can also add here. You can also attach the brand logo on the back wall to leave deep impression on the clients.

Second-floor decoration

This container pavilion has a second floor with railings surrounding it. We can hang the brand logo here, and can also set tables and chairs. In this case, you can add stairs with handrails to the second floor.

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