20ft Medicine Shop Container Kiosk Design with Counter

medcine service outdoor kiosk

Are you looking for a nice 20ft shipping container kiosk? Shipping container kiosk is a good idea to start a business outdoors because it meets our standards and can easily get the approval of the government. We can use it to provide medical treatment, healthcare services. Here is a nice 20ft shop container kiosk sharing with you.

20ft healthcare container kiosk introduction

For a 20ft container for healthcare treatment, it has to place a treatment bed, a water sink and tap, dustbin, office table, and apothecary cabinet. You can also add medical equipment inside the shipping container kiosk for work.

outdoor pharmacy shopInside decoration container kiosk

When entering the healthcare shop, we can see the left side has a treatment bed, doctors also provide treatment to the guests. There is a window there with a curtain. It only protects the privacy of customers but also maintains air circulation in the store. Near it is a water sink, doctors can wash hands before checking.

The inside wall has an office desk with a computer for work. We can print receipts, organize patient information, prescribe medication, etc. The corner has apothecary cabinets with certain temperatures to restore medicines.

The right side has a large glass window with curtains in the middle, we can inform people through this large glass window. It can also let sunshine get into the container shop.

More information

This container kiosk uses fireproof material and rainproof material to make. There is wall decoration, ceiling decoration, and flooring decoration to enhance professionalism. We can also hide wires and add lighting for usage. Considering the changeable weather, we can also add air conditioning. No matter what is your requirements, we can make the healthcare container kiosk meet yourdemands.

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