Creative Shipping Container Clothes Shop Custom Retail Clothing Store

When you want to run the clothes business but you don’t have no enough cost to rent the shop, how will you do? A small booth can help you reduce the cost and it is convenient for you to put them everywhere. It is a mobile shop. We can customize the outdoor kiosk and shipping container.

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Modern shipping container clothes shop

It is one 20ft shipping container. If you want bigger, 40ft is available. The shipping container has two glass floor windows and doors. It is for customers to look the inside style and products clearly when they pass the shipping container clothes shop. The window shopping can attract the customers.

shipping container clothes shop p2

Clothes display area

The display rack is near the glass window and it has two layers. The top layer can show the pants or T-shirts. Another side of the shipping container is one shoes display shelf with 5 layers. The top has the spotlights. The corner is one fitting room for customers to try the new clothes they choose in the shop. Another type clothing display cabinet is against the long wall. This one cabinet has two layers to hang the clothes and pants. Then people can see the effect.

Cashier desk of shipping container clothes shop

The cashier desk top is white and the remaining is blue. It is the same series in the shipping container. The cashier desk behind is the shop logo sign decoration on the wall.

Accessories showcase

There is one showcase with glass case, it can show the watches, wallet etc, and it can be for storage. One floor display stand at the corner is for displaying the belts. They are with spotlight and LED lights strip.

Service area

There is one table and two chairs in the shop for customers to have a rest. You can talk with customers at service area. It is a good for building relationship with customers.


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