The food service industry is very popular all over the world. it can be located in a shopping mall, outdoor, street, and beach. maybe you will notice the outdoor food service is very welcome now. many businessmen choose to do some outdoor food kiosk and shipping container shops to start his food store. in my opinion. the container food shop is a better choice.

Advantages of container food shops:

High strength, good water tightness, high weldability. Fire and corrosion protection

Can be moved as a whole, convenient operation.  

Here the one I wanna share is a very modern 20ft shipping container shop. it can for selling fruit juice,  bubble tea, milkshakes and more.  we can see the left sides of the container is a big blackboard. here is menu list on it. it’s easy to update it. whole container two sides are opening with hydraulic system.  match sunshade. It can make the whole seating area more comfortable.

shipping container restaurant

You will notice the whole container is double sides display and order. the whole container inside with two rows wooden counter, with fruit display showcase and menu lightbox.stainless steel and some place for put fridge and juice machine. You can see the whole container bottom is a wooden floor, looks very nice.

shipping container restaurant


If you wanna start your own food store in outdoor, I have to say The container food shop is a very good option. It’s perfect for outdoor use. Can withstand the wind, not easy to aging. Long life. Can help you reduce the frequency of replacement shop counter, cost saving.

Unique as a direct manufacturer, We are very experienced in the construction of outdoor kiosk and container restaurants.  we have done many container shop project like this one. if you’re interested to build a container shop like this, or more related info, welcome inquiry!

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