20ft container food kiosk outdoor coffee shop with dining area

Recently, we receive many inquiries about shipping container kiosks. It mainly uses the outdoors to sell coffee, juice, clothing, and so on. For the size of the container kiosk, we have a 20ft container size or a 40ft container size. You can choose the size according to your actual need. Today, I want to share a 20ft container food kiosk outdoor coffee shop with a dining area with you.



This 20ft container kiosk is in black color. It is a good idea for you to open a coffee shop in outdoor. It has a small cafe bar counter, a wall cabinet to put the cups, and machines. And the dining area for clients to sit down and enjoy their meals.



We can see on the front side, it has the dining table and chairs. Clients can order coffee at the cafe bar counter. The brand logo attaches to the top to inform the public from distance. The second floor is also for the dining area. If the first floor has no seats, the customer can go up to the second floor.

The back wall has cabinets to show coffee cups, saucers, coffee beans, etc. Posters and menus can also attach to the wall. Under the counter are lock cabinets and drawers for storage goods. We should also leave space to place equipment for usage.


What is the production step of this container kiosk? We first need to prepare a ready-made container and then modify the hydraulic window. Install floor, ceiling, wall decoration, and ceiling. Then produce the furniture with a working food counter, cashier counter, water sink, cabinets, etc.

The next step is to assemble them in a suitable location so that you can use them conveniently. It’s important to make a professional 3D design before production, and you can choose a better container kiosk design for your business.

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