40ft container food kiosk customize outdoor fast food shop

We have some customer want to start a business in some outdoor areas. Something like the sand beach,  amusement park, or any other outdoor place. If you are thinking about how to start it but don’t have any idea, we can give you some suggestions. We recommend this kind of container kiosk that can help you a lot. Let us show you some details, hope you can get some idea from here.



This is a fast food container kiosk we made for a customer from Hawaii. It is a whole set of 2 x 40 ft containers that come together. A whole container includes a 1 x 40ft container for the kitchen and another 40ft container for the juice bar counter.

It has a toilet and a floor can go to the second floor. The second floor is filled with seating areas. And the first floor around the kitchen and juice bar counter all the tables and chairs. The customer can relax and enjoy their time here.



If you want to start such a container food restaurant, we need to make a customized 3D design first. For a customized design service charge a 600USD design deposit. You can send me what equipment you will need and then we will make the design to fit them and leave the correct space. We will install the sockets for the equipment, you can check it on the electrical plan the quantity and location of the socket.



As you know, for the container food kiosk we use the normal container to make. So when we ship the container kiosk, we will put everything inside and ship it as a normal shipping container. When you receive the container, you can use it directly.

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