20ft Container Kiosk Beverage Restaurant Booth Stand for Sale

container kiosk

Are you looking for a container kiosk for business? With the fast development of society, container kiosk is a good business idea. It can install directly on-site, when you place products inside, you can start a business soon. The container kiosk is rainproof, fireproof, and stable to use. Today, I want to share a nice container kiosk sharing with you.

20ft container kiosk design

Container kiosks mainly use to sell beverages, fast food, snacks, and newspapers. No matter what products you sell and what kind of service you provide, the 20ft container kiosk can help you better. Because it is a customize container kiosk. Everything is made according to your needs.

container booth Introduction of container kiosk

Everyone likes unique container kiosk for business, hoping to attractive eyes’ attention. Wonderful container kiosk design highlights the shop and leaves a deep impression on poeple.

Color information

Outside of the container, the kiosk is in green color. The sales window and counter are brown wood in color. A brand logo is in orange color, which can add luminous light. You can also change them to other colors that match your brand theme.

container caseCounter layout

This container kiosk has a wall cabinet display counter inside. There is a refrigerator at the side, which allows poeple to pick up ice cream directly. Next to it is a beverage showcase, everyone likes frozen beverage as it gives poeple a cool feeling.

If you sell coffee and even fast food, we should also leave space for necessary equipment. Water tap, water sink, ceiling light, and wires are involved for better usage.

Material description

We use plywood with the aluminum composite panel to make the counter kiosk for better usage. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic logo, and hydraulic system. You can also choose other materials such as MDF, stone, solid wood, laminate, and tempered glass.

If you don’t know which style to go, just send us an inquiry, I am sure that we can meet your demands. Please click here to view more container kiosk designs. You can get both 20ft and 40ft container kiosks from Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd.

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