20ft Shipping Container Kiosk Coffee Shop Counter

coffee shop

A shipping container kiosk is a good place to sell coffee, ice cream, wine, and fast food. You can choose a 20ft or 40ft container kiosk, depending on your budget. Here are a nice 20ft shipping container coffee kiosk shared with you.

20ft shipping container kiosk

We can see the 20ft shipping container kiosk includes a reception counter, cashier counter, storage cabinets, wall shelf, brand logo, and decoration wall. The main color is silver with a wood bar finish. The black counter table highlights the container kiosk shop and is easy to use.

shipping container coffee kiosk

Details information

This 20ft coffee container kiosk has a hydraulic window on both front and side. When opening the window, it can use as a shelter for clients.

Front view

The front counter has a display counter, POS system, and coffee machine. Clients order items here and even pick up food directly. Under the counter has cabinets and drawers to increase the storage area.

shipping containerSide view

The left side is a working bench, you can pass coffee to clients. Because there is a dining bar table with chairs here. The dining counter table is shorter than the workbench, so clients can enjoy meals and have a rest. Near it is a hollow wood wall with green plants decoration. It brings us good spirit and feels comfortable.


coffee kiosk containerInner decoration

Inside the shipping container kiosk has wall shelves, a work counter, and a water sink. We can also add ceiling lights to increase brightness. All the equipment can be set in a good place. Our designer can also create a 3D design to show the real looks, and if you need small changes, they will adjust it soon.

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