Black Coffee Shop 20ft Shipping Container kiosk with the second floor

container kiosk

Recently, shipping container kiosks become popular to start businesses. 20ft container kiosk is good to sell coffee, beverage, drink, and cakes. We can also run it as a restaurant booth and sell different products. Today, I want to share a 20ft container kiosk with you.

20ft coffee shop shipping container

This 2oft container kiosk has a roof, floor, wall, and lighting decoration, we can also add counters, shelves, and cabinets for business. The main color is black with wood decoration, you can use the same color to match your shop effect.

20ft container shopIntroduction of coffee shop container kiosk

According to design, we can see the shop container has a big sales window with a wood panel outside, clients can order and pick up coffee here. The brand logo is placed at the top. You can put a tent here for shade and rain. Near the window is a tall stand to show the menu, posters for advertising.

Inside the 20 ft container kiosk has a cashier counter, workbench, storage cabinets, wall shelves, and water sink. Menu and advertising posters can also attach to the wall, you can also add TV players to show video ads.

coffee shop container kioskSecond-floor layout

There is a staircase with handrails on the side of the container kiosk to enter the second floor. The second floor has dining tables and chairs, consumers can enjoy the beautiful scenery while drinking coffee.

There is a metal frame supporting the shed on the second floor, which can provide shade for customers.

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