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For people who are just starting out in the catering industry, how to get started is the first difficulty. Everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as the preliminary preparations are done well, the following operations will not be so difficult as long as they do their best. So, how do you start to open a fast food container restaurant?

How to start the fast food container store business?

Do market research.

To open a fast food restaurant, you must first do a simple market research on the local natural environment, including the distribution of nearby groups, people’s taste and hobbies. Only after doing these simple preparations can we start the rest.

Select the address of the fast food restaurant.

If you want to open a successful fast food restaurant, 80% lies in the location of the restaurant. The main and most critical group of fast food restaurants are office workers, so it is the best address to open near an office building. But also consider the market competition. If the surrounding sales market is already saturated and your store does not have a favorable advantage, then you still need to consider carefully.

Store decoration design should not be careless.

Although the interior decoration of the fast food restaurant does not need to be too luxurious, at least it should be simple and elegant, and bring a warm feeling to the guests who come to eat. In particular, the billboard must be conspicuous so that consumers can easily see your sign.

The description of the fast food container kiosk design:

This container restaurant transformed from a 40-foot container by our designer. We spray the color of the container surface to the orange that the customer wants. The surface of the container bears the customer’s logo and menu lighted box. Inside, we will make a reasonable layout based on the equipment list provided by the customer. The main machinery and equipment are freezer refrigerators, refrigerated refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, ovens. And the coffee machines, frying machines, microwave ovens and so on. Some machines need to placed on the floor, and some machines we can place on or under the countertop.

There are some toppings on the food counter to store food preparations. And there is a small cash register on the far left where customers can order and pay. We also designed a dining area for our customers. With five sets of tables and chairs for 4 people. Guests can eat here, and there is a canopy cloth on the top. So that guests do not have to afraid of the sun and rain when eating.

What is the material we will use for this outdoor fast food container kiosk?

The material of this fast food container kiosk is the 40 ft container with baking paint. And the inside food counter is plywood with laminate. The countertop we will use the white man-made stone. You can see on the 3d design rendering it has the second floor. The upstairs also has some seating area for customers to have food. Especially at night, the cool wind in the body… Then the customer can eat and chat with friends comfortably. We also include the flooring, stairs, all the desk and chairs, canopy cloth etc. For the equipment machines, we also can offer you if you want. So it is means we can offer you everything in a whole set.

How to start the container food kiosk to start your food business?

For the 3d design of the fast food container kiosk we will charge 300USD design deposit.

Our designer will make the 3d design for you with all your requirements. If you don’t have any idea, we can make a plan for you.

Then you can check the 3d design then we can discuss and work together to get it done.

You may need to send the 3d design of the container food kiosk to the government department to get approval.

Also we will make the construction drawing for you to check if everything is good.

The customer pay 50% deposit before production. And 50% balance before shipping then we will ship it out.

Please feel free to contact us at to get more details for the outdoor fast food container kiosk. Thank you!

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