Recently, we receive much inquiry about food container restaurant store. Because the container does not require strict review procedures, you can easily start a business and make a profit. The container shop is very suitable for outdoor use. It is windproof, waterproof, and anti-theft. When you are ready to start a business, you start to decorate according to your own ideas so that you can get more customers. Today, I want to introduce a new nice white container shop with you, hope it can help you better.

40ft white container shop

As we can see in the picture, to the left of the container is the work area. The workbench like a bar is in the middle, and there are chairs on the outside of the workbench, and customers can sit down and enjoy the food. Due to the hydraulic door, the container is completely open. Customers can enter the store at will and buy their favourite food, and the chairs outside can accommodate more customers. You can put machines, display showcase, storage cabinets here like a kitchen room. You can change the layout, colour, style to make it unique and attractive. While put cashier registers with the menu on the countertop, clients can easily get access to their favourite food. Please don’t forget to put a TV player, posters on the top ceiling for advertising. In addition, you can add chairs and tables on the top so that customers can relax while enjoying the food. For them, being on the roof makes them feel good.

container shop

You can sell all kinds of food in this container store. Such as ice cream, coffee, bread, doughnuts, bubble tea, frozen yoghurt, etc. For a food outdoor container shop, most people care about the inside furniture material. Like most of the food kiosk and food store furniture, the basic material is Plywood. Surface materials including laminate, solid wood with paint, tile, plastic plant, etc. Stainless steel kicking protects the kiosk. The whole container shop also includes brand logo wall, light, wires, water system, etc. Everything should install well in our factory, so you can use it directly.

More design pictures show

white container store coffee container counter coffee kiosk design

How to make a customized coffee container shop.

  1. Choose a colour to decoration both container and inside furniture. The colour decoration usually matches the brand logo and company culture.
  2. Tell us the machines with the size you use in this container shop. We should leave enough space to install them and find a good location for them. So you can use it conveniently.
  3. Pay a design fee 600usd. It will refund to you when production. The money just to make sure that you can get the right container shop design. Whatever you find is not good enough, we will help you modify better.
  4. Make the kiosk design according to your ideas. The design drawing needs about 3 business days. Because it takes time to render clear photos.
  5. Check and confirm food container store design. Please confirm it as the final design
  6. Make construction drawing. The construction drawing has material details, electronic plan, how to build and assembly kiosk. So you should also check it carefully to make sure everything is right.
  7. Production the customized coffee container according to the design drawing. It takes about 40-45 days to manufacture an outdoor container shop. Please leave enough time to make it.

From the drawing, it’s easy to change everything convenient. That’s the reason why we recommend to make a 3D design first. And one in production, everything is fixed and can’t change any more. Please contact us for more new outdoor food container restaurant. Thank you

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