Hello Everyone, i will introduce the Coffee Bar Counter with Factory Price in Coffee Shop for Sale to you today. Coffee play a most important in our life. Coffee is a must for both office workers and students. We all know that many people substitute coffee for other drinks. What is the cause of this phenomenon? Coffee is good for body. It stimulates brain cells and has a refreshing effect.When you wake up in the morning feeling groggy, have a cup of coffee and your mind will wake up immediately. In the afternoon, when people are most sleepy, many people choose to have a cup of tea. Most people choose coffee to refresh themselves. So have you got the advantages of selling coffee? 

Before you start to open the coffee shop, what things you need to prepare?

  • you need to find a shop firstly
  • you need to order shop furniture and the equipment you need

Now, i will introduce the coffee bar counter or coffee shop for you.

Production Information:

Material: The body of the counter we use the playwood; the surface of the counter we use the laminate; the counter top we use the artificial stone.

Size: the shop size is 10x5m

Layout: the working counter located in small kitchen. There are small window on the kitchen to send the food to customers.  On top of the working bench, we put many wall cabinet to put things.

Including:  304 stainless steel baseboard, Acrylic Logo, light box, Led lamp belt, sink, lock and others….


How to order the coffee furniture?

  1. You need to contact us discuss your specific requirement regarding to the kiosk( the size, style)
  2.  Our design team create and revise the design according to your personal requests.(300 USD design deposit. But when we confirm the order, it will deduct from your balance payment.)
  3. We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
  4. 50% deposit for production.
  5. We produce the kiosk according to the approved design.
  6. Quality inspection.
  7. finished the kiosk, and packaged the kiosk
  8. You arrange the 50% balance.
  9. Arrange shipping for you.

Contact Information

Contact person: Karena Yang


Whatsapp or wechat: 008613410560420


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