20ft shipping container restaurant outdoor food furniture for sale

If you want to do business on the outdoor, you can choose outdoor kiosk or shipping container. If it will not occupy too much space, we suggest do an outdoor kiosk. If the weather is extreme, do a shipping container will better than an outdoor kiosk.

Today I would like to introduce a 20ft shipping container restaurant with your guys. It is a food shop to sell cake, juice, ice cream, waffle, etc.

Actually, we can do 40 ft or 45 ft, not only 20ft shipping containers. It opens only a side as sales area and seating area. When you get off work, it will be closed by hydraulic. Just click on the remote control, then you can open and close this side. It is very easy and convenient for you! Besides, if you want to open the other side which opposite to seating area, it is ok for us to do it. So you can sell products on both sides.

Also, we can help you decorate the interior design, such as paste wallpaper, install spotlights on the ceiling, fix display shelves on the walls and provide all the furniture. At the same time, some cities are very hot, we could install air-conditioner inside. On the contrary, some cities very cold in winter, however, it still can be work, at this point, we will suggest our customer install a glass door to block severe cold and snow, rain.

In a word, we could help you design a perfect shipping container to suit your business!


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