Nowadays, food service is more and more popular all around the world. When you walked in the street and beach, you will notice many outdoor fast-food kiosks and mobile store. I have to say the outdoor snack bar is very popular. It is a hot service project with plenty of customers and is the first choice of many entrepreneurs. but how to build an outdoor kiosk, This is a very tricky problem. Today I’d like to share one for you hot sale container coffee shop for your meet.  

Advantages of container shop: 

  • Advantage 1:Container is mainly made of CORTEN weather-resistant steel, MGSS stainless steel, HGSS stainless steel, AL aluminum, polyurethane, and other materials. Can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength . not easy to rust. 
  • Advantage 2 :The container store has many properties such as fireproof, shockproof and typhoon prevention, and retains the standard dimensions of the container for lifting and transportation. It is simple and convenient to use and maintain and can be moved as a whole.

In this article what I wanna share is a very popular 40ft shipping container restaurant & container coffee shop design for sale. if you’re interested plan start your own food business, pls follow me see more details at below.

container coffee shop

Best Modular Shipping container restaurant For Sale

As you can see the 40ft container shop, mainly tone is white, very modern and exquisite, two sides are hydraulic opening, in the inside of the container is a square shape wooden counter mainly for juice making, match some menu list, customized can direct order here. four sides with table and chair. match stainless steel abrasive floor. it’s very comfortable for the seating area.             

container coffee shop

You can notice here have stairs on the left sides. the whole container with the second floor. here can put some bar and bar chair, four sides with rail and flower decoration. looks very nice.

Let’s see the container inside counter, is in the white match some black strip.surface with acrylic logo. the front part counter is three juice machine and a stainless steel double sink. the backsides mainly for the oven, freezer.microwave oven and deep fryer. you can see the left sides is a black wooden display shelf. here can put a big TV and logo, also can put some artwork for decoration.

If you plan to start your own container food shop, below is some advice for your reference. 

  1. Confirmed what service do you want to provide, make a schedule, equipment list.  
  2. Choose a comfortable location. Must be prosperous and sufficient source. confirmed the container size and style, 20GP, 40GP or 45GP .the container color and inside layout. counter style etc.
  3. You must find a professional design team helps you make the whole container coffee shop design. start production it. 

Thanks for your time and reading, if you want to know further info or interested build a container coffee shop like this one, pls feel free to contact us as below, thank you!  


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