Outdoor coffee shop 20ft shipping container cafe kiosk design

Do you want to start a coffee business? If you’re thinking of opening your own coffee shop, it might be worth investing in a shipping container. More and more entrepreneurs are looking to container shipping as a way to start their businesses with minimal effort and investment.

The best thing about opening a container cafe is that you can start with a small budget. It’s relatively cheap to convert a 20-foot shipping container into a coffee shop. You can also make your container mobile, allowing you to move your store to events and festivals. This is an outdoor coffee shop 20ft shipping container cafe kiosk design for your reference.



Renting a store location often requires a large down payment and several months of rent up front, which can significantly increase your initial costs. However, container cafes are easy and inexpensive to build – a good option for small business owners who are just starting out and have limited funds. 

This is a coffee container shop including the first floor and the second floor. On the first floor of the cafe container kiosk has a bar counter area and a small cashier counter. The second floor is the dining area.

In the 3d design of the outdoor coffee container shop, we can see inside has a cashier counter. The wall has a 3d lighted logo and some plant decoration. And on the wall has a blackboard for you to write the menu. The display shelf can put some hot sale products on it.


We will ship the container kiosk as a normal shipping container. And we ship it by sea, we can ship it to he port or directly to your door to door address.

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