White bubble tea container store with working counter to London

We recently revised much inquiry about outdoor food kiosks and container stores. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, most shopping malls are still closed. For entrepreneurs, this is not good news. So they are more willing to choose to start business outdoors. Because the outdoor kiosk does not need to be strictly reviewed by the mall, it can also be fully-added to the idea of the owner. Today I want to share with you a unique outdoor bubble tea container store, hoping to help you.

White bubble tea container store for sale

The container store has a fixed size at 20ft or 40ft. If you want to save costs, we recommend beginning with a 20ft container shop. And it is rainproof, fireproof, and safe to use, like a house outside. On the front side, we can see it has a long working counter with a cashier register, people can purchase the bubble tea directly here. Brand logo on the top of the bubble tea container store, which lets people see you both in darkness and daylight. Posters and brand logo outside can better understand the goods better.

Inside counter use stone material on the top, which can highlight the store and better to use. We should also help you leave enough space to show the machines. It’s better to make a 3D design before production. So you can view how the bubble tea container store suits your business. There are many spotlights on the top ceiling to brighten the store and decoration the production in a good way.

Real picture show

You don’t need to image how the bubble tea container shop looks like, because the real design picture show every part directly. And it’s easy to see different layout and decoration ideas in the design drawing. Is it cool? Please make your kiosk design now.

Coffee design design drink shop Food outdoor kiosk bubble tea container

Design steps:

First, decide how to decorate the bubble tea container kiosk.

You should tell us what color, size, style of the bubble tea container store. In addition, all your ideas can be added to the container shop to make it unique.

Second, make the kiosk design based on the requirements.

Our designer team will take a meeting to collect good ideas for your bubble tea container shop. The design will follow your idea, but we will make appropriate adjustments to make it more reasonable and attractive

Third, check the first drawing.

You will get the first drawing within 3 days. If there are small changes, we can help you modify it in time. Our main purpose is to help you make the ideal container store and furniture.

Fourth, confirm the final design.

When confirming it as the final design, you can get the milk tea container shop you want.

Finally, make construction drawings.

Construction drawing shows all the details of your kiosk design. Including material, size, layout, electronic plan, process details, etc. The production also follows the confirm drawing to make sure every step is correct.

This bubble tea container store will be finished products in our factory. We will take pictures or videos to show you. Besides, you can see how the container being made and meet your demands. Besides, we will assemble the furniture and text the light and counters to make sure it works well. We should clean the counters and packed them well for long-distance delivery. The container will ship to you as a whole, you only need to connect the main electric box to the power supply and use it. It’s very easy to finish.

Whenever you have questions, we can answer you soon. If you have any interest, please feel free to leave us a message with an email address, we will connect you as soon as we can. Thank you for reading.

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