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Black coffee street shop outdoor container food booth for sale

Outdoor coffee shops and street win bars are a good place to relax. Regarding easy operation, a container food booth is a good choice. Container food restaurant includes display counter, wall shelves, water sink, sales window, and cashier counter. We usually use hydraulic doors to increase the space and make it better for work.

Black win bar outdoor container kiosk design

Every people has a different opinion on one thing. It’s very important to choose a style that unique and appeals to people, also reflects the brand theme at the same time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to custom made the outdoor food container. And you can arrange the counter, chairs, and shelves better. Also, find a good place for the machines. Here is a win bar container kiosk as an example, you can understand better.

Description of  outdoor food booth

It is a standard 20ft shipping container style win bar, it mainly used in the street. When opening the container store, the side door on the ceiling can be used to shelter from wind and rain. In this case, you can add some tables and chairs, where customers can meet and drink with friends. 

The front side has a very luxury bar counter, it also has bar chairs for customers to seat. Clients can order ask bears here. The bottom has locked doors for storage. The back wall has wood shelves with wood counters for work. The dimension is 10ft, half of the container size. Another half-space set around the sofa, which increases the seating area. While the backside has many squared mirror decoration. The top ceiling also has spotlights for bright and mirror to make the container shop more attractive.

container restaurant

Outside decoration

The main color of the food shipping container shop is black and white. The backside has a luminous logo for advertising. We can see that there is a lattice decoration in the middle and a white border on the edge. 6.5ft width has a round window with glass, people can see from outside.

The front side also has a hanging tube, which is good to place more wine cups. It is good to use and a glass cup can also reflect the light to make the shop more beautiful.


Material show

Main material: Metal frame, Plywood counter

Surface material: Black painting, nature wood

Color: Black, brown, and wood color

Countertop: Black marble stone or man-made stone

Kicking: Stainless steel

Logo: An acrylic logo with the backlit and 3D luminous logo

The inside furniture mainly uses plywood to build it. Light brand logo on the front side to let people remember you better. The light lamp under the counter makes it more attractive. The stone counter table is durable and easy to clean.

How to make the container shop design?

Before making a container shop design, we should confirm what kind of business to start. Because different products have a different shop layout and need different shop furniture.

Then, make a layout for all the counters and shelves. If you want to put machines, like a coffee machine and fridge, we can find a good place for them.

The next step is to make a 3D model at the same dimension of the 20ft container. In this case, you can see how it looks like and whether it is fit for your brand culture. Because the 3D design also shows color decorates directly.

Finally, check the outdoor container shop carefully. If you like it, confirm it as the final design, and you can get a perfect shop container store design.

It’s better to find a professional design team to do it, as they are good at it and can help you make it more reasonable. Since the new design service charge money, I think it’s worth the cost. Because it helps us get a good idea to start a business and can even help you save much money.

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