Outdoor cafe container kiosk food container with coffee counter

Are you want to open a coffee shop business for the outdoor? You can make a outdoor coffee kiosk but it only can fit 2-3 staff and no seating area for the customer. So many people choose to make a container food restaurant to start the business. The container have 20ft and 40ft, you can choose as you need.

If you want to open a coffee shop in the outdoor, I think the container kiosk is a good choice for you. So today in this post, we want to introduce a 20ft coffee food container kiosk to you.


Cafe container kiosk design

The layout of the cafe container kiosk

This cafe container kiosk with 2 floor, the first floor and the second floor both have the seating area for the customer. We make the right side for the stairway to go to the second floor.

The first floor have the dinning area and a coffee bar counter. On the top it has a big logo write ” CAFE”. The logo can customize as you need.


About the container remould

For the container kiosk, we will use the ready-made container and remould it. So we will make the container design as you like and then draw it in the 3d. We can change the color for you.

Although the container size is the same, but we need to make a new 3d model and customize the container design with your favorite style.


Coffee container kiosk design

For this coffee container kiosk, most of them are the seating area. Because the you only sell the coffee, then you do not need a lot of space for the work counter.

For example, like this coffee container kiosk design. It is only a small bar counter with some coffee machines, fridge, some pictures and menu on the wall, then other space all for seating area.


Material of the cafe container kiosk

Because the coffee container kiosk use for the outdoor. In order to resist the bad weather like the sunshine, rainy and so on. We need to use very strong and durable material.

For the cafe bar counter of the container kiosk, we can use the plywood as the basic material. And surface we can use solid wood material.


How can I get a customize container kiosk design?

Because each customer have their different idea and requirement. That is why usually in the first step, we need to make a 3d design. Different customer they sell different food. Such as, this customer he sells the coffee, but another customer he sells fast food or any other else. And some customer they have their own brand logo.

We will need to make a customize 3d design for you. You can choose the model in our website and let us know the style you want. Our design team can make a new 3d model for the container kiosk with the layout, the logo you want.

If sell different food, the equipment is different too. You can provide the equipment list to us if you have. Then we will draw in the 3d design of the container food kiosk. Meanwhile, we will leave the space for the equipment.


How do you ship the coffee container food kiosk?

For the container coffee kiosk, we will ship the whole container as a normal container. We will pack the cafe bar counter and the furniture with wrapped film. All the furniture we will put inside the container and ship the whole container to you by sea.

When you receive the container, you can open the container and put the furniture according to the layout plan. Also, we will install the electricity for you, but it need to connect it to your local power supply.

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